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Picture Gallery...

Family Pics

Colony Friends

IT-BHU Friends


Pics of Banaras

Winter Vacations in USA, 1999-2000

Summer Internship, 2000

Yellowstone National Forest

California to Wisconsin by car, 2000

Pics of Madison and Wisconsin

California 2001

California 2002

Family Pics
Parents 2
My Brother
Sleepy Me
Family Pic
Family Pic 2
All boys
Brothers in Arms

Colony Friends
Dear Ones
Party Time
Girls, Girls Girls!!
Christmas party
Anil's B'Day at Juhu
Happy Times
The Gang
Killer Looks

Pics of Pali Hike
Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4
Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8
Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12
Pic13 Pic14 Pic15 Pic16
Pic17 Pic18 Pic19

IT-BHU Friends
IT-BHU Comp.Sc. Batch of 1999
Bum Chum
Kovalam mein Mangalam
Dawn at Kanyakumari
UBI Love
Cool Kanniyakumari
Unforgetable Pair
Magte Raho
Bombay Boys

Winter Vacation in USA, 1999-2000, Description
Liberty Bell - Philadelphia
Liberty Bell Building - Philadelphia
Hard Rock Cafe - Philadelphia
Hard Rock Cafe Interiors - Philadelphia
Philadelphia Downtown
Tutleman Omniverse Theater - Philadelphia

Saurabh's Cousin's Place - Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Gambling in Taj Mahal Casino - Atlantic City
Taj Mahal Casino - Atlantic City
Saurabh's Friend's place - Virginia

Baltimore Inner Harbour - Baltimore
Dolphin Show, National Aquarium - Baltimore
Hard Rock Cafe and Barnes n' Noble - Baltimore

White House, Washinton DC
Washinton DC Downtown
Hope Diamond, Museum of Natural History, DC
Museum of Natural History, DC
Museum of Natural History Entrance, DC
Federal Triangle, DC
Ariane Space Museum, DC
Apollo 13, Ariane Space Museum, DC
US Shuttle, Ariane Space Museum, DC
Capitol, DC
Capitol enlarged, DC
Subway, DC

Statue of Liberty, New York
Manhattan Skyline, NY
New York City
NY Downtown
World Trade Center, NY
World Trade Center...whatta building, NY
World Trade Center compound, NY
World Trade Center Shopping Mall, NY
Broadway Street, NY
Near Times Square, NY
Subway, NY
Central Park, NY
Central Park, NY
An outing with Harpal
Dinner with Harpal
With relatives in New jersey
Relatives in New jersey
The young generation

The Internship Experience
With Saurabh's broken leg
ITians in Calif
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge with Batti
Venice Beach, LA
Santa Monica Beach, LA
Universal Studios, Hollywood
Universal Studios Globe, Hollywood
Jurrasic Park, Hollywood
Dinasours, Hollywood
Another huge dinasour, Hollywood
Terminator 2, Hollywood
Waterworld Show, Hollywood
Circus Circus Casino
Riviera Casino
Venetian Casino
Mystery Spot, Santacruz
Am i tilted ?
Yes, we all are tilted
Hiking near mystery spot

Yellowstone National Forest, description
Herd of Bisons
The Bison
Group of elks
The magnificent Elk
Hiking in the forest
Upper Falls
Lower Falls
Lower Falls and the Grand Canyon
Canyon with falls in background
The Massive Canyon
Heroes on the Canyon top
Yellowstone all the way
Enchilidus Geyser
Boiling Mud Pot
Geyser Country Hills
Hot Geysers
Mud Pot
Hot red pool
Coloured Terraces
Multi-Coloured Terraces
More Terraces
Angel Terrace
By the Yellowstone Lake
Old Failthful Geyser
Old Failthful

Other Places enroute to Madison, description
Beside the Salt Lake
Me, sunset and the Salt Lake
Amazing skies by the Salt Lake
The Great Salt Desert
Temple at Temple Square, Salt Lake City
Temple Square, Salt Lake City
The Choir, Temple Square
Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City
Mt. Rushmore and flags of US states, description (contd)
Mt. Rushmore in all its glory
Mt. Rushmore and us
Crook County
Bad Lands
Bad Lands Mountain Wall
Bad boys in bad lands
Crazy Horse Memorial Statue

Pics of Madison and Wisconsin
My department room
Snow fall
Cars covered in snow
In snow with Zaki
The April snow
My home - bedroom
My home - living roon
My home - the kitchen
IGSA welcome to new Indians
Friday evening at the Memorial Union
Birthday in Wisconsin
B'Day party
Enroute to Nicolet National Forest
Fun in the forest
At the campground
Coloured trees in the forest
Resting during a hike in the forest
With friends in the forest
Our campground Elm
Snow Storm in Wisconsin
The Red Gym

Californaia 2001
Ah huh..Dude am I crazy
Holi in Yankeeland
Kayaking in Monterey
Hiking on Mission Peak
Lake Tahoe Camp
What a sleep we had...:)
Look he's tilted !
The Golden Gate Bridge
Pt. Reyes Sea overlook
Yes, I did this
Evil guys at Halloween
Dracula with Kitty
Dressed to amuse
Thats a huge cow !
Lets go fishing..
Beautiful waters of La Jolla, San Diego
Sky Diving from 15000 feet
It really looks nice...
Hollywood Sign, Hollywood
Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills
New Year Eve "Evening" at Disneyland
Danish Village in Calif.

Californaia 2002
Holi Aftermath
Nice colours