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Let me introduce you to our beloved, benevolent, ever friendly, ever cool, generous, Richie Rich Mr.P. You can also call him by PEACE BABY because of his casual attitude towards life. But that is not all about Mr.P.

Let me start from our 1st year. It was during the ragging period that because of his atypical demeanour, he got the salutation call of OYE PREGNANT IDER AA by some senior.

Our Dear Mr.P is a gourmet. He loves eating. It's because of this habit, he has to faecate at least 5 times a day. In fact its a popular joke in our lobby that in INFOSYS (P's company) instead of a comfortable chair Mr.P. would be offered a brand new SHIT POT to sit on. This will help him save a lot of time. Well that was a hypothetical joke but exploiting this habit some idiots played a prank on Mr.P in our 1st year. The incident was like this:

Our lovable Mr.P used to be the 1st person to attend the CALL of NATURE and used a particular toilet for some unseen reasons. So some crooks parked Mr.P's newly bought KISAN chhap in his beloved W.C., to let the bike enjoy the ambience of it's master's favourite place of time-pass.

In another incident some idiots piled up all the bicycles in our lobby against Mr.P's door. Trapped in his room, helpless Mr.P bravely fought the pressure of his favourite call (NATURE's CALL).

Seeing his resilience all these mischief stopped but not for long. It was in our 3rd year. At the stroke of midnight our mischief prodigy Mr.I.Q. struck with an ingenius idea to test Mr.P's temperament and his PEACE BABY status. The plan was to wake up the sound asleep Mr.P for no good reason and that too in a very naughty way. Mr.I.Q. collected some 6-7 alarm clocks from the lobby and set the time to 5-mins from then. These clocks were put on Mr.P's ventilator. The idea was that the alarm would wake Mr.P and make him angry. Infact it did wake him but like always Mr.P took it coolly and pretended asleep. But I.Q. was not the one who give up easily. Determined Mr.I.Q. made another move. He threw a bucket full of water from under Mr.P's closed door in the guise that some idiot was pissing on his door. This water drenched Mr.P's quilt placed under his bed. Even then our Mr.COOL did not loose his nerve. This further exasperated Mr.I.Q, who in his frustration gathered some firecrackers which incidentally included a round earth mover (chakri). He lighted it and slipped it into Mr.P's room from under his door. The rest of the crackers where used to wake up Mr.P. Incidentally Mr.P's ventilator's glass was broken and he had pasted a cardboard in it's place. Taking cue from this Mr.I.Q in his decisive move burnt the cardboard along with some newspaper. This time the idea was that as the smoke of forest fire drags the animals out their hiding place, this smoke would also force Mr.P to come out of his bastion. Mr.P knew that he was defeated in this war of nerves but even then he did not give up and ended this battle of nerves with a big PUNCH in the face of Mr.I.Q.

Ultimately defeated, trashed and embarrassed by Mr.P's valiance, Mr.I.Q planned another dirty trick. This time his accomplice was our dear Mr.Satty. The plan was to bring a street dog in Mr.P's room. Evidently they had taken advantage of the fact that Mr.P never locked his room but just bolted it whenever he was in someone else's room. To execute their plan they asked the unsuspecting V.N to take Mr.P to his room in guise of some important work while they got the dog in Mr.P's room. They would have succeded in getting the dog, which was eagerly following the smell of its bait (mutton leftover from mess) in Satty's hands, into P's room had not Mr.P remembered that he left his room unbolted. Seeing Satty's mischief Mr.P was wild with rage. Seeing him Satty got frightened and threw the bait in Mr.P's room and fled. On the other hand, seeing its bait in Mr.P's room the dog tried to enter the HERO's room but couldn't because our daring P stood as a wall between the dog and its bait. Ultimately the dog gave up to P who ended this battle forever with even bigger punches into Satty and I.Q.

All in All Mr.P is a person to look for. He is daring, intelligent, smart, indomitable and above all COOOOL.