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Disclaimer : Keatanand is purely a fictional character, a product of the author's imagination, any resemblance that might be thereof is purely coincidental.

So what does a child do when he is threatened? Did somebody say he CRIES? No! What is the ultimate ploy and means he employs to ward off the offender? He cries And so was Keatanand except that his a's were a bit too long and so they sounded more like Maa...Maa... Now for all you mortal mugheads who don't know what Maa...Maa...means, it's the Indian word you use to refer to your mother, stupid!

Rationality was Keatanand's art of perfection, his KB was the shield and sword with which he vigorously fought all enemies (read fundas) unknown. And when all these failed Keatanand used the ultimate weapon of demise and destruction, he cried Ma...(you know what).

So what would a Space Shuttle cost? Hey! that's cheap soot on its nose ,and all metal; that too casted, you know. Mustn't be more that let's say 50 bucks. And what about a diamond? Carbon and you thought somebody will pay for Carbon? You might as well get a handful or pocketful free from mess Maharaj and turn as much as you want to diamond and use the rest for burning your asses, you fool!

And nobody dared to suspect the awesome power Keatanand had over the rulers of our destiny. He could get you roughed up using the contacts of chief of RAW in minutes, send you to jail with the help of the CM he claimed he knew, in an hour and get you out in the next with the help of the PM, of course.

Keatanand ruled the 32 pumpkin heads of the CompSc department for 4 years unchallenged. It was only in the last year that we discovered the fountain head of Keatanand's knowledge (apart from his cries of course). It was a 4 line poem written himself by Keatanand which was appreciated by one and all and was ultimately awarded the Nobel prize for enlightening the mankind.

It was this -

                    BaBa black sheep
                    Have you any wool,
                    Yes sir, Yes sir
                    Three bags full.

And W.B. Keats+Anand was born. The genius we knew who knew every thing.