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IT Lingo

IT-BHU - Institute of topology, Bumper Holiday University

Phatta - Something improbable, a lie

Phattaebaaz - One who gives outrageous phattas

Phattu - a coward

Phat Gaye - got scared

lag gaye - got jacked / screwed

laga de, maar de, ley le - jack / screw him

kela - popat

cut gaya - kela hona

BC - branch changer, besides the usual stuff

kholu - class roll no. 1

dhakkan - original class' last roll no.

chuddi - the SMALLEST guy

PLD - the BIGGEST guy

makku - south-indian

maggu - one who crams all the time

bakchodi - general gossip

sutta - cigarette

ikka, bikka, sikka, dikka- Grades A,B,C,D

pikka - Grade P, just pass

fakka - Grade F, fail

lankating - going out to the market outside BHU main gate in search of greener pastures

Birla, Broacha - synonymous with danger ( these hostels house the upcoming bhais and dadas of UP)

VT - Birla(Vishwanath) Temple, place frequented by foreigners and consequently by ITians to.

phod diya - cracked it (eg. exam)

GH - girls hostel

WC - Womesn's College

karna, maarna - obviously something done for self satisfaction

pondy - anything/scene/film that is stimulating

pondy - person who often talks pondy or gross

bond - an expert in a particular activity

bond - one who acts smart / intelligent

baap - a guy in the immediate senior batch with same class roll no.

maa - any non-male in immediate senior batch

bahen - your non-male classmate

HoD - Head of Department

Diro - Director

arbit - weird, without any sense or logic

pharra - small chits for purpose of improving grades in exams

topna - copying answers, assignments, any shit

magaee - cramming

chaap aana - writing down answers verbatim/accurately

GMT - g***d mein tension

funda - concept

shagga - a means of self satisfaction

fachcha - Fresher

Compiled by Nitin Bahadur