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Hillu and Millu

When the 23 of us came here, we were all perfect gentlemen. And like perfect gentlemen we returned funny little faces when not so funny little jokes were cracked upon us, amused more upon their sense of humour than the sense in their humour.

And when of our this gentle + manly (as it required patience & perseverance) behaviour was the utmost abuse done that we unanimously shed our inhibitions giving way to more basal & animal-like feelings.

A word out of their mouth, a small smile spreading on their faces, a slight increase in the dazzle & the glisten in their eyes and we would straight reach for their necks and the violent few for the volatile little places God had bestowed upon one of them. For we knew that if we gave them time they would be once again through those rotten, instigating, stinking jokes of which stocks they had in abundance.

Ladies (if there one exists) and Gentlemen (of which now there are none left) I feel utmost disgrace and dishonour in presenting the two most humourous persons of our department with whatever little humour, the two have mercifully left me with after last 4 years.

Hillu and Millu, who does not know them. Hillu, the small Hitler is as interesting a research topic as the rashes affecting the buffaloes that roam the wide roads of IT. Always beware of such characters as Hillu bhaiyas, which infect every department of IT. For even the innocent little buffaloes are aware of the fact that the pain that lies in their rashes (if they do exist in reality) is far more less than in the jokes that keep the company of Hillu bhaiyas of IT, more faithfully than any Pativrata nari that could be found on the Indian soil even as far back as in the 16th century.

And Millu, the Musolloni is an aristrocrat, like the Italian ruler himself. He lives with fishes in the dam that supplies water to the 5th largest industrial houses of India, the Thapars (I seroiusly hope that for your very own benefit you have heard about the great Thapars). Don't go by the deceptive look of the school Millu bhaiya has read in. To you it might look like any ordinary tin shack garage. But I tell you sir, this tin is for sure platinum-coated for it gets a grant of 1 crore every six months.

With so much of zeal and so much of passion does Hillu & Millu always try doing things that they are not best at. That one time Hillu was caught red handed with a goat (she-goat, but of course) alone in his room. He looked weary & tried and drops of sweat like pearls adored the king of humour on his head, on his nose & god only knows where not. The goat obviously stood there in pathetic condition shaking like the last autumnal leaf on a naked tree when we came to her rescue. Hillu bhaiya was of course upto one of his funny little jokes he had himself composed on that day and seeing that no gentleman could be found was trying his luck with the innocent little creature which could atmost bleat in anger, frustration, protest and desperation.

This I have specifically brought up in the interest of the whole department in general and in the interest of a few rotten-head in specific, for there are many things a man could do with an innocent, fat, white as snow (she) goat alone in a room. Like ..... cracking jokes.


Nishith Krishna