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12:00 noon

Batti : (laughing) how was it ?

BC : B is definite, by the way question 1 ka answer 11.5 hai, na?

Batti : Nahi, you also made the mistake everyone did. Answer is 11.6.

BC : katta re katta. Bikke se Sikke (C) per promotiom !

Batti : Peace baby, let's not discuss , if we discuss we might have fight in passing the next paper.

 (After lunch most guys take a afternoon nap to prepare for the long night.)

BC : wake me up at 6 p.m.

Junta up by 4 p.m.

Batti with his hair standing up, pyjamas torn and eyes half open, opens his room door.

Mota : Batti, coming for tea.

Batti : Haan,chal.

Mota : Why don't you freshen up and change your pyjama.

Batti : Dickhead, teri girlfriend mandir pe aa rahi haikya to sajun sawaroon? chal jaldi, abhi bahut magna hai.

Both back from tea.

Mota : Batti , what's the portion ? Have you got it xeroxed Lambu's copy.

Batti : I've got his complete notes. No problem about the portion now.

The lobby is quiet with the junta cramming. Last day cramming is the best way to pass as before the last day only a couple of chaps have all the notes & instead of learning and revising again and again the motto is 'ek baar mago aur exam mein chhaap aao'.

Suddenly BC wakes up.

BC : Hum bahoot so liye. Batteeee, where are my Neural Networks xerox.

Batti : (from his room) tomorrow is AI paper. Wake up BC.

BC : Aaoo, hum to bhool hi gaye thay. AI I know well. I attended 20% classes!

( He too starts mugging up at full steam.)

Mota : Lambu, what does this sentence mean?

Lambu : Just mug it. Even I don't know what it does.

Mota : But these are you xerox. You must have understood it while writing.

Lambu : If I understood everything, I would have been in IIT and not in IT!

8 p.m.

Chuddi: Mota, PLD, Batti, Dhakkan ,BC time for dinner.

Everyone is eating in unusual silence. Suddenly Chuddi cracks a sick PJ.

Batti : Exam ke din bhi hum ko chhoday ga nahin.

PLD : But you need some entertainment in exam time also.

Mota : Maara Re... (i.e. cracked a sick one).

Lambu : BC, you won't sleep today night,isn't it?

Mota : Iska to din he raat mein start hota hai.

Batti : 4 days back he slept for 36 hours (referring to BC).

BC : I have slept for 3 hours in afternoon . That's enough. If I sleep more my memory buffer would be flushed. To remember I have to do a night out.


Half the world is sleeping but the lobby is awake and almost all lights are on. A constant murmur 'Buzz... Buzz....' can be heard

Mota : Lambu , do you have anything to munch.I'm starved.

Lambu : Nopes, but let's rob BCs Tiger biscuits.Exam aadmi ko chor bana deta hai!

Batti : Hey,Hey,Hey , those biscuits I finished stealthily at 11 p.m. !

1:30 a.m.

Half of the junta has gone to sleep only to wake up in the morning

Mota : I'm going to sleep . BC wake me up at 5 a.m..When are you going to sleep Batti?

Batti : I have to sleep for 2 hrs. during every exam night. I think 3-5 a.m. will be good.

6 a.m.

Bow,bow,aaooo,meow,meow ,bow ,bow

Mota : What's going on ?

Batti : That must be BC.looks like his hard disk(brain) has crashed. It generally happens in the exams.

BC : Yahoo, I've finished 50% of the course.

Mota : Inspite of a nightout, only 50% by now.

BC : For past 1 hour , I was trying to figure out to whom I have lent my xerox notes. Just now I realized, I had kept them under my mattress along with that Deb.

Lambu : (far away)Who's got a deb ?

Mota : Jaa,Jaa mag le , else you will get a fakka.There's no Deb here.(Softly) BC give me this Deb for 15 min.

BC : Nahi,pehle kaam hum karenge , phir tum karna.

7 a.m.

Lambu : Motay,derivations ka pharra bana liya ?

Mota : Haan

Phattu: Motay , give them to me just before the exam.I'll get them xeroxed on the way. Who'll take the trouble to make new ones.!

8:45 a.m. Outside the exam hall

Lambu : OK guys, this is it so best of luck. Please co -operate and pass on the pharras and final answers.

9 a.m. Exam starts

Lambu (to himself) : O.P. Singh invigilation ke liye. Kata re, ab to topna immpossible. No hassle instead of a B I'll get a C. Who the f#@* is bothered about grades in 4th year.

P.S: It's 9:15 a.m. and a dishelved figure with a wry smile comes running into the exam hall.

Nitin Bahadur