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On a gloomy Monday evening as I sat in the confines of my hostel room, blissfully unaware of the hulla-bullah in the lobby, a blanket of nostalgia swept upon me with memories of the days in IT. The view of my friends and I drinking tea at Raman corner with junta walking by here and there, some with great enthusiasm, some with lack of purpose, glistened my eyes. A chord struck deep down in my heart, vibrating my mind and spirit, a chord that had been dormant since I had first left Bombay for IT. It was sorrow or pain I could not comprehend, but I knew that it was the chord that connected my heart to IT.

The past 4 years have been full of events and memories that they will always remain engraved in my soul. The immature, energetic boys & girls who had come to join IT have gone through beatings and accolades, learnt things the hard way round and have become mature enough (hopefully) to lead strange and unpredictable lives in the years to come. As I look into the faces of the current freshers I see the twinkle of innocence that once was our greatest asset. The friends we were in those days of immaturity and purity ......I wish that things would be the same now. The terror during ragging, the BBC matches, the discussions in the Common room, the great flood escapade, the "Mess Manager" invectives, the Ramu & Rabri and BC & Jhabru fights, the everything that was, brings down tears, tears that cannot be seen, only felt.

The great night outs we've had during exams and also not during exams bind us by a feeling of oneness of purpose. Our frustrations and heated discussions that ensued have found solace in the words and feelings of our classmates, for had we been alone, we would have not have been able to deal effectively with the tensions and emotional surges during the past 4 years.

The Ghats of Banaras, their bounties and crowd shall bring back memories of the fun we've had. How I wish I was at the Ghats again! Be it F-7 or G-4 or the small quarters of our Department, we shall always laugh and cry when we think of them.

The Bumper Holiday Univ. has given us more besides holidays. Whether we feel it or not now, we shall remember the Bumper Holiday Univ. not for its holidays and lush green surroundings, but for the 4 years of experiences in a motley of fields. It is said that value of Gold and Wine appreciates with time, so shall be the case of our indebtedness to BHU. The last sem. marks our end of one journey and start of another. Let us all hope that we rise and shine in our lives as human beings and professionals. Let us not loose contact and let us see each other shine and blossom in the years to come. Finally, its

Yaaden, yaaden

bus yaaden reh jaati hein

bus choti, choti yaaden reh jaati hein

bus yaaden .....


Nitin Bahadur