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CS Girls

When I came to BHU, I was told that girls (esp. ones that could pass as one)were in short supply and that people get so frustu (of you know what) that they make do with cows. This was an overstatement. Girls are not in short supply - go to VT any day to find out. It is yet another matter that you can't touch one with a barge pole or you would incur the wrath of some 'brave lions'. Further we cannot make do with cows as slanderously suggested but content ourselves as with inferior beings (read somewhere else about this exciting episode).

Comp Sci girls come in A.P. (0.5, 1, 1.5). It was real bad spending the entire first year without a whole number but it was dotted with such episodes as the one(s) in the ED hall, or during LFR or during the picnic. After the BCs (it has a tamer meaning than you think, pervert) came along, we settled down to a nice round number.

Being a girl in IT-BHU has its demerits - you cannot walk the roads of IT w/o causing some excitement. So, our girls too evoked reactions, comments and horrified, terrified utterances as

1) Is she or is she not! (Shakespeare rolled in his grave each time)

2) It IS she !! Run for your lives! (apologies to Phoolan Devi)

3) It is definitely a SHE !!

Throughout the nearly four years of mutual co-existence, they have provided us with much masti (again not the kind that immediately comes to mind), amusement and (YES) exercise. If a certain Mr. P. of the class of '99 can still run a hundred meter dash it is due to sole inspiration (?) of one of them. Some (it would be an understatement to say one) of them single(?) handedly formed a political party(S*** P).

Being in IT-BHU has its advantages if you are a girl (CA eg:). So each of them was paired up in turn with one (un)willing eligible bachelor after another.(remember that Mysore photo, chocolates, the famous quote of LB) Finally, a La Women's Reservation's they found their beau(s). We, however suspected a second round.

Thank you for being there and providing a dash of color to a bizzare dep.However I choose to be a secret admirer of you.