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Baba, as he is popularly known, has something about him that makes him apart from the rest. May be, it is the philanderer in him that lends him that colour or maybe his uncanny ability to do things beyond rational reasoning (Paranormal to put it simply) that convinces me so. His characterstic ability , as I have mentioned earlier , puts him in a different league all together, in a league where he and only he can think of doing things which could send , shivers down the spine of lesser 'mortals'.

The story goes that one day , in one dark clammy room of a gxxxx hostel one devotee asked the god himself. "Oh Almighty, among this multitude of weary looking "Chappaldhari " and "Chashmadhari" IT ians is there no one with machismo and charisma to match our grace and style and if there is no one then do bless us with one who fits the mould"

And blessed they were with who of course but our BABA. Though God had another problem in hand ie. how to limit his versatile personality with one impersonification. To overcome this problem this place was blessed with not one but many incarnations of the Almighty BABA.

The first and possibly the most intriguing incarnation is that of DERA Baba. Though enigmatic it was, it was very popular, who could of course forget that large crowd that used to throng his ashram, for his divine blessing. But unfortunately, these blessings were reserved for only a fortunate few or more appropriately all few. Of course , how many of us have the sprinting capability to chase and nab him at the DG corner. For more strongly etched in my memory are those xxxx yatras in which every devotee craved to land a helping hand in tossing the wincing and whining Baba to the GEO level . All along the devotees transpired to his help mantra. " Funda Yeh hai ki ... ".

Next and possibly equally imposing incarnation is that of BABA the ROMANTIC or the 'ROMEO' BABA . It is his disarming innocence or possibly the quintessential 'ishtyle' ( Reminds me of 'Mai ka Lal Jai Kishan' ) which possibly causes a flutter in the hearts of the opposite sex. Possibly his infectious verve and enthusiasm to chase anything or possibly everything in skirts has earned him the sobriquets '_ BOMB '. And possibly this is his ishtyle and disarming ingenuousness which sometimes catches the fairer sex off guard.

 " Don't you ever get romantic"

 That's his famous sermon.

 " Aaoo thoda romani ho jayein".

However his enthu more often than not ends up with a Rakhi tied around his wrist. Anyway, this is no mean achievement to be a brother of possibly every attractive girl in the campus.

His new and last most famous avtaar was GAYMOND'S (the incomplete man).

Abhishek Sinha ( Allahabadi )