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This was the year when we all set out on on different paths from IT after completing our fun-filled B.Tech. The year started with the creation of two mailing lists ( egroups and coollist) for keeping in touch. By May 31, 2000, 1106 messages had been posted on the egroups list. The deluge of activity at times on this list resulted in some people withdrawing themseleves from the list and others for personal (guessable) reasons. People joined jobs while others went for higher studies. Avinash was left dangling by IMR but was finally rescued by BC and assimilated into SAP for which he is envied by many.

With most of the junta in Bangalore, the fun never ended, although people got busy with time. Batti jaan had many fleeting romances and dates and has kept steady with a good friend in Pune. His trip to US resulted in a Fiero (Suzuki) and i'm sure he now knows more about US than the Americans. Keatanand had some effect and the Mama's have almost disappeared into oblivion. Congrats to .. for his splendid effort. Kholu was engaged to Sriram's daughter before he left for Japan for a picture with Canon, and is slated to be in the knot sometime early next year. Kholu thus became the kholu of the new bandwagon.

Arora and Kela jumped onto Aditi Software for a quick trip to Microsoft. Kela couldn't resist the temptation of money and trips abroad and again jumped onto SAP and is enjoying the beauties of Amsterdam. But before laying himself into the hands of foreign beauties, he also had some serious, talked about affairs in Bangalore. The only thing in question was whether the affairs were with beauties or with beasts. But whatever may be the case, he is now an experienced person in undisclosed fields.

Bangur with his Maruti in Bangalore continues his sophistocation with even his boss looking in stupor. He had his share of visits to Italy and France while Bundu is now called a resident of Italy and refuses to leave Italy. He is very happy there and no questions why so. After some real hard work in India, he's doing some hard-work in Italy. I've also heard that his dresses in style now and only visits the big showrooms. PLD has had a contented life at DRDO with late office arrivals, lunch breaks and early departures. He is said to be preparing for IAS. His dear Ruchi is slated to complete her M.S. this Dec. After a trying one year in US, she has finally blended in with the culture with stints at alcohol and Greeks.

Mr P.Sinha has been a hectic traveller with 2 trips to London and 1 to US. The jaundice victim calls himself indispensable to Infosys and is thinking of coming to the US for a couple of years to make some quick bucks. And its unbelievable that in IT he had positively refused to go to US as he loved his country and his family and could not bear separation. Money makes the world go round !! Among the other Infosians, Dhakkan is currently dumb-struck with his US trip after short stints of body-building and tight clothing to impress the girl in his building. Looks like brawns are out of fashion! Mr. IQ also is enjoying his trip to US with his $400 camera, eager to finish sightseeing before the world comes to an end. There were rumours that he was getting engaged, but as always we will continue to be wilderness until the day finally arrives.

Allahabadi and Fattu have been HSS mates and now love mates in the famous Neha love triangle. Its still unclear as to who's in the lead. But looks like Fattu who's decided not to leave HSS ever seems more determined. Ramu had decided to join TI but again it seems that Neha is more interested in Ramu and so Ramu is still at HSS. The bashful and level-headed Allahabadi was unfortunate to be found by Avinash at some infamous place in Amsterdam in compromising positions. Foreign cultures change people quickly. Avinash after joining SAP has been on Europe tour Europe's tour and tries to devote the remaining time (if any) to SAP.

Among the hard-workers Buddha's name comes first and his hard work has shown on his tummy and hair. Looks like Lucent has drained him and is planning to app this year, eargerly waiting to become a resident of the land of milk. The other worker, our Chakka deserted HSS for Wipro to stay close to his designated sweetheart in Madras. Chakka has supposedly created records in writing code and for that he was sent to Canada (why Canada of all places ?).

BC has had the best year with European tours and Bangalore dames (u know what i mean). His departure from the NFC should serve as a source of inspiration for us all. He still continues to write sometimes his enthusiastic, english emails to itcse99. Pondy has been putting efforts to get an H1 soon and leave his supposedly crappy job. He's been unfortunate to be alone.

The opening of ashrams of Swamiji in US has been postponed indefinitely as Swamiji is busy exploring the effect of foreign culture (namely, Florida, pubs, cable TV, decent words) on the human mind. He has decided to not finish his MS until May next year as oppurtunities for enlightment are much higher in Universities where there is abundance of different minds, for study and interaction. Professor has remained steady on his goal and is steadily working towards his PhD. Money hasn't caught him yet but the Univ. atmosphere sure has caused him to strengthen his beliefs of completing his PhD. The next year should see a couple of publications in prestigious journals from him.

Anup Kumar Khooni has been doing well in Riverrun. His conference trip to Las Vegas and Holi encounters have convinced him that Riverrun is the place to be. It was rumoured that he is currently seeing girls for a possible knot in the near future. His frequent trips to Agra and movie theatres (obviously not alone) assert this fact. Juni's clout seems to be lesser as she has been unable to pull off Vegas like trip and has been in Noida all along. After some initial heartening period, her life now seems to be on track with parties and outings. She has recently coined the famous FOSLA (Frustrated One-sided Lovers Association) and told Mr. Peace in secrecy that .......The past year has been not so good for Muttar. The untimely demise of his father has been hard for him. He also had problems with getting his passport which has been delaying his trips to US. Hopefully, this year will be much better and we shall have more exciting news from his side.

Satti jaan has had a good year with a publication and he will be done with a MS this Dec. This ITian has left the tetotaller community and is now one of us. Why do people change after coming to US ? The NFC chairman has had a pleseant year with yours sincerely. After his summer stint in a startup, he decided to katle with a MS by Dec. and is actively looking for some startup to become rich is minutes. He is also gracefully dancing these days and we hope that we do not have to select a new chairman soon.

The lone Hyderabadi, Makku Varghese had been a member of the DE Shaw team interviewing IISc candidates. Looks like he made a good impression pretty soon. He has also had the pleasure of visiting the enticing US and is now looking for brighter oppurtunties. For that matter lot of people are looking for brigter oppurtunites in India as well as US.

Joshi has literally become a resident of US and pretty soon the revelation that Joshi is working in HNS and not HSS will be endowed on us. It would be fun to see Joshi driving on US highways, considering the fact that his mind is always not in what he is currently doing. And dare not sit in his car. Ali is following Joshi's footsteps and has been and out to US a couple of times. He's been an active contributor on egroups and his absence from the behind the scenes of the Neha love triangle is greatly missed by us all.

The other Pittsburgian, Gullu has had a nice year with visits to the East coast with yours sincerely. The highly expected love story between him and ..... is now a talk of the next generation. Its been more than a coincidence that whenever I've been drunk, he too has been. His life as a TA for 2 sems has been futile and he deserves recognition as the Chairman of ITCSE99 FOSLA. Our romantic baba has finally made it to the US and seems unhappy with the village he is living in. The great dreams he had had in Riverrun (for which he was even scolded by his boss once) have all been shattered. But hopefully he will recover as he always has (he's got Saranya by his side) and once again shall give us pleasure with his romantic ways of life. For King, this has been a slow year and I've heard he hasn't changed a bit (time has been insufficient). He was lucky to go to Convo and reminisce the good times. The slow man had a physical encounter with a Riverrun dame in CP and then the slow continous looks...i wish i was there to witness the event.

The one name that I believe many cannot forget, has been lost and we have no news of her. Now that we have matured, lets wish the best for her and hope the best for us. Lastly, my open book (i try to) life has seen visits to East Coast, West Coast and the sub-zero winters of Madison, besides the few visits here and there. Goks says that I have changed a bit but its upto u to decide that when I see u guys in the Bay area (Calif.) soon.