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2003 NFC Release

dear fellow members of NFC,

I would like to sadly extend my heart warming congragulations to our dear batti the king...excuse me Ex-king of NFC...As it is with life , all good things have to it is with our KNFC who ruled in an unprecedented fashion from Varanasi to VanNess ( SanFrancisco) has decided to move from simulation to reality. As many of you know our dear batti has decided to give up the throne for taking up the next challenge. At this juncture, I would also like to convey my best wishes to all our fellow brothers in arms (pun intended) , who have decided to reduce the workload on the latter...But do not forget that NFC still retains its another partner of the throne, our BC (unless he claims otherwise) and our great President (Peace baby!!). Once Again, congragulation to you all my dear friends...and remember,

The paraphernalia may have changed but the motto remains the same...
Just Do It ...