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The Golden Age: 25-50: Grihastha Ashram

Aur Bahadur, shaadi kab kar raha hai. Every few weeks I get to hear this cliche (as I choose to call it). Be it a lively conversation or a dead one, interesting events in past few weeks or not, this statement always props up like an alternative for "howz it going dude". Sometimes I wonder if it is Joshi's subconscious mind that expresses itself in phone conversations with others. Unlike the randomness of the leaf distribution on the trees outside AKT's classroom, this line of thought seems to have some shape and an inherent depth; an urgency with an hint of desperation about matters that are beyond one's control; with a longing to be always in control. I hope Joshi would be satisfied with my attempt of juxtaposing his parallel beam of thoughts into a single strand of thread.

The question in study actually has it roots back down to the days of Prof. B.N.Dwivedi of Physics Dept. There seems to be no sight of our incumbent IAS, Mr. Pallaw getting his million-rupee dowry wife. At the same time, the highly expected and utmost interested in marriage, Mr. Pondy still remains as single as ever. Is it that an extreme desire for something takes you more and more away from it ? Yesterday I met a junior from 'Trical and she told me that most of her batch had started getting into wedlock much before our batch had started. Another interesting fact is that our batch is doing much better post-BHU work-wise. So it there an inverse co-relation between doing well in personal and work life ? For those of you wondering why I am speaking in questions and penning crazy statements, it's just an after-effect of an overdose of "Sex and the City".

The golden couple finally got married, and some people had a laugh at someone's expense. The renowned UBI group became a joke, but fortunately the marriage emails have kept it from being dysfunctional. It seems like "relationships" that get together out-of-personal-choice last shorter than those which attempt to compromise and fit in with each other. Interestingly, from among those who actually left India, only one has hit a home run on the shaadi front. Is it westernization or career or just distance from India that is keeping these people still single, is the unknown question. For those of you who haven't yet started yelling at my musings, I think your life is more twisted than you think.

Ali stayed true to his long-time sweetheart and is slated to get married soon. The mind-blowing confession from Kela before his marriage asserts the fact that Romeos also have to go home at night. This year and next year seem to be the marriage season, if you will. Soon, we will have emails circulating about romantic get-aways, kids and kid issues. While all this sounds amusing, it is in-fact an inevitable future.

After a successful hell visit, Mr. P.Sinha is rumored to be in depression these days. He is still unable to fathom how girls could refuse such a handsome, B.Tech/MBA compensation package. His financial losses in the dating market have far exceeded those in the stock market. His close buddy, Batti is seen out on long walks these days. For the uninitiated, the walks are definitely not for health reasons, but for private phone conversations with his fiancée. Grapevine also has that our NFC Chairman, Mr N.S.Gokul's mom has been "prepping him" up for his next "potential" visit to India in Dec.

One of my ABCD (read American Born Cultured Desi) friends used to be amused at the thought of arranged marriages, until she saw a common friend actually getting hooked up via arranged marriage. To quote her, "I am really surprised to hear this. Until now I had heard of such stories. But this is the first time I am seeing this happen to someone I know well". This random digression from this topicless pen of mine is just another streak of colour to the growing picture of "shaadi" being engraved on our minds.

Joshi spoke highly of me today, labeling me as the social god with the capability of hosting a well-balanced male/female party. While words and news always get twisted, this label on me (even after you remove the salt) hasn't gotten me anywhere; I am, as always, "single and available". Of course some might take this as ample proof to scathe me with "failure in capitalizing on opportunities". Again the truth lies in determining if Gullu is the evergreen playboy or if Ruchi is the epitome of the modern working class woman. "This is an NP hard problem", would be Joshi's instantaneous answer.

As this convoluted story of life and us continues in its whirlpool of semi-random, partially predictable events, it's still amazing to see how much things have changed since our parent's time. While the ultimate goal is the same, the means and methodologies have improvised. For those of you interested in learning more, just drop by In the next two years, the Nike Fan Club will lose all its permanent members paving way for the BitchThySpouse Fan Club.

Spouse will come, spouse will stay
The first couple years will be orgasmic
And then it will be downhill all the way

Big B