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2000 NFC Release

dear fellow executive members of NFC,

This is an official statement that is being released after reviewing the status of all its members and their achievements in the past 1 year.

It seems that in the past 1 year there have been some startling and some natural events have occured, all of which have contributed to the degradation of NFC. This outcome although sad is inevitable and confirms with the natural law of evolution - to higher experiences with more sophisticated paraphernalia. As we move into the 21st century some members seem to have taken bold steps that have rendered their memberships in NFC ..uh-er...quite meaningless. Yet they are still on our honourary members. Allow me give a brief summary of this status change.

The king of Nike ... if u remember from his glowing averages last year, seems to have changed his mode for making those averages. Although self-reliance is a great quality, it can become too unexciting with time. This naturally provokes search for other means of retaining the excitement. So the king decided to hunt down an entity with opposing characteristics that can effectively replace the paraphernalia he had been using. He finally found it ...but at a price which is nothing compared to that priceless moment that arises out of the experience. The king of Nike has showed that he is a true professional in whatever he does... We salute you sir and we were honoured to have had your acquaintance ....

The focus now moves to a paricular member who is named after a common place tropical fruit that has a striking resemblence to the core physical technology that drives NFC. The prince ... who takes after the king has apparently been blinded by pure passion that raged from Pune to bangalore and his various escapades had stirred quite some discussion in the lobby. Keep up the good work prince and we sincerely hope that you find your princess ...

The traditional evolution of our no.1 has promoted him to the status of honourary membership. Besides this, there also have been members who came very close to do .. what birds and the bees do.... but in the end lap danced their way to glory and ecstasy. Those members as of now in their roll number orders are 4,11,13,22,23,26,28,30 and 35.

A special commendation to Aye Bahadur for relishing the Russian delight immersed in Kaju Feni. The man has shown that East or West, its in India where you get the best.

A word has to be said about 2 honorary members .. one belonging to the city where the 3 great rivers meet The other lives at a place which is famous for a mental hospital in the most famous(?) state in India. These, great men met each other in the city of canals , Amsterdam ... Anything could have transpired there going by the very liberal nature of the Dutch. That episode is yet not resolved and has come to light.

Before I conclude there is one startling episode that is yet to be accounted for. This concerns one individual who found ecstacy in pure spiritual energy...but some of his actions have caused concern among the nike board members...It seems that this particular member has started to frequent certain clubs and pubs in the darkest parts of the city...
Is this TRUE ?
If so , What is the Nike Status of this member ?
Members of the lobby ,
THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE ... and I urge u to find it from the person himself ...

Please remember our mission statement,

Yours sincerely,
chairman (NFC)