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Welcome to my world. Please email me ur comments and suggestions for the improvement of this site. Would really appreciate that!!


    Guys, this list is gotta do so much..first,ponder...think...dammit use ur brain on:

  1. What do wanna do in the in what field !!! You know that I know that u wanna do an MBA, but u dunno that an MBA can have as much as 20 specializations these days ! For this use the following tips:..
    1. Where does your interest lies: HRD if u love dealing with people..., Marketing-If ur the outgoing type; IB- If u wanna think Global...etc
    2. Where does the maximum scope lie if u were to find an employment, now this depends upon ur country..In India..we had finance first...then market its back to marketing..etc
    3. Are you from a business background or service?

    But, hey many of have already thought of that.fantastic., in that case ..u know u should start looking for the universties, But remember that the choice of the univ too depend uppon a lot of factors like location, cost, aid, if u have freinds or relatives nearby( this is esp tru for girls )..etc. For searching the univs, I suggest that you do two things :

    Options to be Considered
    RankingsNow, If u wanna go for the best schools in the US, then go for the rankings. I suugest you check out US News and World Report Rankings and also Business week Rankingsand also the Marr and Kirkwood Rankings. Now, these sites and many others also have the rankings according to the specailization.
    Self AnalysisBut hey, who says that everybody is born genious! If u do not have great scores to back you from your school or problem..still u could go and rather should go the US..why not use suggestions from your dear friends or relatives in the US or if u have the access to the internet..use it ...try sites mentioned above and like Peterson's Guide

  2. Now...U gotta...ask them for their suggests ask as many as possible...they're all coloured and beautiful!!!! So whats the harm!! So, as we Indians say Bhai aan do, ki problem hai !
    For this if ur connected to the web...which I presume (cause ur reading all this!!), then why dont you just go their web site and there ask for application brochures. But If u wanna, for any reason, not take this route then goto to the nearest USEFI Center( United States Educational Foundation in India ).There you can ask for both the address and also for the RAM(Request for application materials)forms and snail mail them to the universities.
    Getting the brochures takes about 15 days if u email the schools or about 30 days if u snail mail them!

  3. Now, comes the most crucial part of this section, taking the GMAT and TOEFL exams..Remember Give these exams only when ur very serious and fully prepared , cause they hold the most important key to ur being selcted at any univ and if u goof up here or for any matter think that if u do not score well in the first attempt ..u alwasys have the 2nd one...then ur a fool cause both scores are sent to the univs...and maybe.. it does not work in ur favour ifthe univ thinks of averaging them !!

    So, if u are serious then...I suggest that take the following tips:

    1. Most Important of all, check out the GMAT and TOEFL Official web sites. This is important cause the ETS has just recently changed the GMAT exam pattern and you should know the new one. And also because these sites have the sample tests and test attempting tips which prove to be very very helpful.
    2. Now, I think you should also check out KAPLAN web site. Now these guys are one of the best GMAT and TOEFL test prep agencies in the US. So...u could get tips, sample tests here and also the analysis of the previous and the next GMAT and TOEFL exams.
    3. Yes, dont fall for Barron's or Arco's guide for prep..they're ok...But always go for "The Official guide to GMAT" and "The Official guide to TOEFL".
    4. Well u could also go to USEFI for this, sit in their library and study there...they have the best resources .

  4. Now Give the GMAT and TOEFL exams. By this time you should have been able to achieve about 700 and above (650, the minimum) in GMAT and about 640 and above in TOEFL. And also thought of atleast univs where u wanna apply cause you can send your scores to 5 of them free when u write the exam.

Happy Apping!!